Travel with your pet

We make possible for you to travel with your pet to your destination

The service consists of advising and managing all the procedures for your pet so that it travels on the same flight as you from Miami to any part of the world.

It includes picking up your pet at your home or at the location you indicate, and transporting it to the airport. Once there, we take care of carrying out all the necessary procedures for boarding the corresponding flight, including managing the necessary certificates and documents, controlling the weight and size of the animal, and preparing its cage or carrier.

We also make sure that your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the entire process, offering personalized attention and special care if required. Once your pet has boarded, we will keep you informed at all times of the transportation process, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will arrive at its destination in the best possible conditions.

Procedures and health certificates
Local customs permits to leave the country
Customs permits for the entry of the pet at destination
Microchip and implantation certificate
Veterinary certifications
Certificate of good health
Exams and vaccines
Advice on air reservation for your pets
Does not include
Airline boarding fee
Transport cages
Transfer to the airport
Boarding permission